1. Minimum 80% attendance is mandatory as prescribed by the University & Council.

2. Students are expected to wear uniform while attending classes and other activities held inside or outside the campus.

3. Use of Mobile Phone in the campus is strictly prohibited.

4. Any loss or damage of college property by students will be considered as a serious offence.

5. Appearing in Sessional Exam, Unit Tests, Seminars and group Discussion are Obligatory.

6. Students must possess Identity Cards duly signed by the Principal and to need produce as and when required.

7. College maintains a certain code of conduct for the greater interest of the student community and disregard to them will call for severe action from the college authority.


Boys:-  White Shirt & Ash Colour Pants.

Girls:- White Salawar (Border Purple color), Pyjma and Dupatta (Purple Color)


Chardor (White with purple color per pin), Mekhela (Muga color) and  Blouse (purple color)

Students are directed to wear uniform stitched in simple design.